Music Videos


Rob Gueringer 

Kimberly June - "STOKED" 2019. Filmed in Kailua-Kona, HI.

Position: Director/DP

Sony FS700


Have a big idea?

JYRA is a creative collective based in Los Angeles, CA. consistently bringing to life the creative visions of top musicians, artists and storytellers all across the globe.

Our team has been involved in some of the most watched internet music videos to date.

When the project needs group effort in storyboard, production design, industry connection, equipment resources, models, dancers, studio space, etc. We are the trusted solution.

Cheeba Hawk - "Her Song" 2020. Los Angeles.

Position: AC/Lighting


Lia Mangouras - "Bad Dreams" 2020. Los Angeles.

Position: Camera/Practical Lighting


Joe Jenneman - "Whatever It Is" 2020. Los Angeles.

Position - DP/Lighting


Anak1n - "Life is a Dream" 2018. Chicago.

Position: Director/DP


Beacon Light - "Basic ft. Derek Minor" 2019. Cincinnati.

Position: Color Grading/Effects

Adobe CC.


Elmer Abapo - "TIDE" 2020. Los Angeles.

Position: DP


FireHouce - "Youth" 2018. Grand Rapids.

Position: Director/DP


SliiickDynasty - "Major Crimes and Unicorns" 2017. Belmont.

Position: Director/DP


Beacon Light - "Call Me Napoleon" 2019. Grand Rapids.

Position: Green Screen Footage Capture

Sony FS700