Video Production

"Exert from VENTS Magazine (May 17, 2021)

Inter view with HILTON: "Any plans to release any sort of video for the track?"

Yes. There will be a music video released on May 21st, directed by my good friend Alex Schmitt and myself. This is the first music video I’ve been involved with to the extent of a director’s responsibilities, and damn it’s a lot of work haha. I definitely have a further appreciation now for guys like Alex who do that sort of thing all the time…nothing wipes you out physically and mentally like making a music video. That being said, it was also the time of my life making it with him and the crew. Super stoked for people to see the final product!"

Ever since I picked up a camera as a young kid, I knew I was going to pursue a career in creating the visual artwork that I loved seeing in television, movies, the internet, and my imagination. Growing up in West Michigan, I learned by experimenting around, researching on the internet and creating videos. I invested what I made from taking senior pictures and mowing lawns into a camera and all the gear it takes to make great films. I earned the chance to work with churches, TV stations, advertising agencies, non-profits, international corporations, doing all sorts of jobs creating videos as a freelancer. I produced viral internet comedy videos, commercials, events, music videos, etc. I sought out small businesses that were involved in budding industries to work with and at 22, I made the move to Los Angeles and I've now been working as a DP and producer. 

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