Winter Outside

   It's West Michigan and it snows. A lot. We get good ol' lake effect snow and its been coming down good. Here's some wintery photos I shot in mostly my yard and neigboring land. I also snuck some Christmas cookies in for good measure. Winter is one of my four favorite seasons of the year and I love photographing it. Putting a winter scene in a photo is defietly different then a summer one. You really have to pay attention to the exposure and not leave it up to the camera to get it right. Overexpose winter. If you let the camera figure it out you'll end up with some pretty dark dreary cold photos that make winter look terrible. Winter is a beautiful season with the whole outside world covered in snow and ice, and when the sun shines through the clouds the scene is breathtaking. The photos I like to take and look at give a sense of the coldness of the season but a subtle warmth the sun gives when reflecting off the snow. Winter is good.